How to connect correctly

To organize a connection via Bluetooth, first of all, you need to activate this wireless function on all devices that will participate in the process. It is possible to connect both two devices according to the "point-to-point" scheme, and up to eight devices according to the "point-to-multipoint" scheme. One device will become the master, and the remaining seven or less will become slaves.

How to connect via Bluetooth in practice (in simple words)

The connection always starts by activating this wireless feature. It is better to activate the Bluetooth in the main device first, which everyone else will look for. After that, you can start activating and connecting slave gadgets. If everything is done in a standard and understandable way in the settings of a computer or smartphone, then there may be difficulties with some peripheral devices, since each activates wireless functions in its own way. Sometimes you need to press a button or a sensor, some require permission to be discovered, some require a PIN, and so on. As a rule, everything is done intuitively, but there are cases when only an instruction can help, which describes in detail how to turn on Bluetooth on this gadget in Russian, and sometimes only in Chinese. In addition, in some devices, the wireless interface does not wake up immediately, and it seems that Bluetooth does not work. It turns out that it is enough to wait a few seconds or a minute - and the function is activated.

After activating the wireless peripherals on the main device, you should search for nearby devices. If you select the desired device from the list of all active active devices, pairing and connection will occur. Sometimes, when pairing, a four-digit password, or PIN, is requested. As a rule, this is: 0000, 1111, 1234, or indicated on the case, label or in the instructions for the gadget. Now the peripheral equipment is ready to interact with the main one and put all its capabilities at its disposal.

Play sound on two speakers at the same time

In 2017, on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone with support for the Dual Audio function in the Bluetooth 4.0 standard, it became possible to simultaneously transmit sound to two sound devices via Bluetooth. The speakers must also support the Dual Audio Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. Today, many modern devices cope with this.

Wearable device pairing considerations

When pairing and connecting wearable devices via Bluetooth, such as smart watches or fitness bracelets, simply connecting the device using a standard interface to establish a wireless connection of Bluetooth settings in a smartphone is often not enough. To use all the features of such devices in full, you will need to specifically install on your smartphone or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store special application from the device manufacturer. For example, on Android, this is Samsung Gear for gadgets from Samsung, or Mi Fit for Xiaomi devices, as well as many others.

Bluetooth connection using NFC

New smartphones and tablets are equipped with a built-in Near Field Communication, or NFC for short. This technology is used for contactless identification and payment for goods and services using various payment systems.

For quick and easy pairing of two Bluetooth devices, NFC comes in very handy. Automatic pairing of NFC-enabled devices will begin as soon as the devices are in close proximity to each other. With this pairing of devices, there is no need to enter a PIN code and confirm the connection.

Pair Bluetooth devices on Windows

Swift Pair in Windows can quickly pair a Bluetooth device with a PC, laptop, netbook or Windows tablet. To use fast communication between devices, in the Bluetooth tab of Windows settings, you need to activate notifications for Swift Pair. Provided that the Bluetooth device is capable of working on the Swift Pair fast connection and is nearby, a notification is received that allows you to immediately enter the pairing and connection mode. If necessary, on the page download the driver for free Anyone can use Bluetooth on a PC.

How to connect Bluetooth via AUX

Connecting Bluetooth via AUX is usually done by car owners who pair their smartphone or tablet with a car radio that does not have built-in Bluetooth. Car enthusiasts are attracted by the ability to answer Handsfree calls from the phone (if you have an external microphone or headset), it is convenient to listen to your favorite tracks (mp3, WAW, Flac, APE and any other music formats), the absence of wires, the low cost of the device in dongle format and no problems. AUX Bluetooth dongle with mini-jack connector is the easiest way to integrate Bluetooth into your car.

Image: AUX IN Bluetooth Dongle with mini-jack TRS 3.5 mm

The Bluetooth dongle, connected via the line input of the car radio, looks like a flash drive with a mini-jack TRS 3.5 mm connector, sometimes the mini-jack connector is on a cable about 1 meter long. Some BAUX dongles can work not only for reception, but also for transmission. The connection is carried out in the usual way, after inserting the Bluetooth AUX dongle and the mini-jack TRS 3.5 mm connector of the radio and activating the connection button. A smartphone with an activated Bluetooth module will quickly find the device. Having organized pairing, you can use this bundle all the time, re-pairing is no longer required, the connection will occur automatically.

Change device name

You can change the device name assigned by the system in the Bluetooth network. This is done in the settings.

Bluetooth update

Today update firmware and software for many devices is made by Bluetotoh. Many smart watches, fitness bracelets, headsets, wireless speakers and other devices no longer have wired interfaces, infrared and Wi-Fi support. Bluetooth has supplanted all interfaces, successfully replacing them in many smart devices, independently performing all the necessary functions. Including, if necessary, the program code is easily downloaded via Bluetooth and automatically deployed to the built-in memory of the wireless equipment. Updating via Bluetooth is easier, more reliable and safer than using wired interfaces or infrared.


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