Top 10 Bluetooth Software for Windows

Wireless devices are often much better than wired ones. Even top professional gamers use wireless mice, although until recently the wire did not bother anyone, and response time was everything. Progress does not stand still. In a situation where you need to connect Bluetooth peripherals to a laptop or desktop computer, special software is required.

Below we will talk about Bluetooth software and drivers for Windows; in addition, there are applications for mobile devices running Android and iOS, as well as software for desktop operating systems, for example: Linux, MacOS, OS/2, ArcaOS, Ubuntu, Solaris, Fedora, Free BSD, Debian, Chrome OS, CentOS and others. About exotics - next time. Also, universal automatic diagnostic and installation utilities are not discussed here: Driver Pack Solution, DriverBooster, Driver Max, Intel Driver & Support Assistant and others with similar functionality.

In 99% of cases, when the question arises of how to connect Bluetooth headphones, speakers, keyboard, mouse via a Bluetooth adapter, the user writes in Google search: «Download Bluetooth for Windows» and finds the required file depending on the version of the Windows operating system. Sometimes you need a special program with certain functionality. Since today the recommended the latest version of Bluetooth 5.3, even very good, but outdated software We will not review or rate the software. Below at we will objectively consider the best 10 Bluetooth programs for Windows for all occasions and form the top 10 Bluetooth programs for Windows, starting from the end to the very first place.


At the end of the ranking, in tenth place, is the free Bluetooth Terminal+ for Windows from the Microsoft store. The program is cool, but more suitable for software developers. For the average user, its functionality will be unnecessary. Through Bluetooth Terminal you can not only connect to other devices, but also position your PC as a server for interacting with other devices. The program is capable of sending and receiving files and commands via Bluetooth, saving messages to a file, which is used for debugging compatible devices and applications. It is useful for the average user for general development. There is another Bluetooth terminal in the Microsoft store, very similar, but unfortunately, paid.


Ninth place is occupied by the software Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Windows from the Microsoft Store. A Bluetooth audio receiver will allow you to listen to music and other sounds through the large speakers of a desktop personal computer. The transmitter can be various Bluetooth devices capable of playing and streaming audio content. For example, by connecting your phone to a computer via a wireless connection, you can listen to music or make a phone call using the PC's powerful speakers. If a number of conditions are met, the sound quality may be no worse than from a licensed CD. The program is good, but highly specialized.


Eighth place also went to the highly specialized Medieval Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer utility for Windows. As its name suggests, the program allows you to exchange files via Bluetooth both between computers and between PCs and mobile devices using the FTP file transfer protocol. A simple, intuitive interface is a definite plus. Many of the programs in this review provide the ability to share files wirelessly, perhaps not as cool as Medieval Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer for Windows, but that's not for sure.


From seventh place in this rating, MyPhoneExplorer for Windows provides the ability to wirelessly access a mobile phone from a PC. Among its advantages: transferring files, synchronizing contacts, working with a calendar, notifications, messages, creating SMS and MMS using the computer keyboard and mouse. If this is all you need and the interface is not annoying, then you can use it. The latest version does not work on Windows 7, you need 8 or higher.


In sixth place is the more serious BluetoothView utility for Windows. The BluetoothView program distribution does not contain drivers, but uses universal Bluetooth drivers already installed on the PC, for example, Bluetooth Widcomm Broadcom. This software quickly copes with searching and connecting to a PC any devices with a Bluetooth interface, obtaining information about them. By detecting devices in the range of the computer’s Bluetooth adapter, BluetoothView provides detailed information about them with the ability to save them to a CSV file in tabular form. From the program window, the user can connect to any device with one mouse movement and work with them using any Bluetooth protocol. Many functions are available via commands from the command line.


Bluetooth Driver Installer is in fifth place in this rating. The program works and restores Bluetooth functionality, but unfortunately, it is not compatible with all devices. The disadvantages also include the design of the official website. This software is used to solve existing driver problems on your computer. This free program attempts to install the Microsoft Bluetooth driver using the popular simple method of fixing the system inf file bth. The program makes changes to the computer's operating system, and this should lead to a solution to the problem. This often helps solve the problem.


Fourth place rightfully belongs to Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner for Windows. This is free software designed to connect wireless devices to your computer via a Bluetooth network. Any PC with Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10, 11 (32 / 64 bit) equipped with Bluetooth and this Scanner can detect and connect nearby phones, keyboards, mice, speakers, headsets and other compatible gadgets with a wireless interface. Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner is able to completely replace the system Bluetooth function. The small size of the distribution, an intuitive, attractive interface and the full functionality of the best analogues from this review allow us to recommend this program for use, especially with Bluetooth adapters that conflict with Broadcom Widcomm, Intel, BlueSoleil drivers.


In third place is Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver for Windows. Intel Bluetooth chips can be found on motherboards under various brands, in laptop boards from ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and others. In terms of functionality, all basic functions are provided, and limitations depend on the capabilities of the equipment. If for some reason the leader of this review is not suitable, then if you have an Intel Wireless Bluetooth chip, this option can be recommended.


The second place is occupied by the popular Internet program BlueSoleil for Windows. This is a shareware program with a price of $27.99, which, given the availability of free BlueSoleil analogues, is naturally a minus. This software product belongs to IVT Group Inc, which officially cooperates with the Bluetooth community. BlueSoleil for Windows officially supports more than 20 major Bluetooth functions and 17 popular languages. Multilingualism is a definite plus, and as for functionality, everything is already available in almost every free analogue of BlueSoleil.


The first place has been deservedly occupied by Bluetooth Widcomm Broadcom for Microsoft Windows for many years - universal Bluetooth driver on PC for Windows 11, 10 , 8.1, 7, XP SP 2 (32-bit and 64-bit). This reliable, secure and universal software is necessary for the operation of a desktop computer, thin client, workstation, server, laptop, netbook, tablet PC with other devices via the Bluetooth wireless interface.

The capabilities of the legally free Widcomm Broadcom Bluetooth driver for Windows are in no way inferior to the most popular alternatives. The driver supports all versions of Bluetooth for PC, from the first to the fifth. The driver has the widest hardware compatibility with most devices of all brands. Other advantages of the Broadcom Widcomm Bluetooth driver for Windows include the following:

  • intuitive software interface, ease of use
  • can be used without settings, after installation everything works immediately,
  • connection stability, security,
  • low price of equipment, inexpensive chips and modules to produce,
  • high level of resistance and resistance to interference,
  • low power consumption extends device operating time
  • reliability of the communication technology itself and individual devices,
  • real-time voice transmission at 64 Kbps in synchronous mode,
  • transfer of signals, data packets, files, documents, music, images, videos,
  • sound transmission in good quality
  • and much more.

The advantages of the Widcomm Broadcom Bluetooth driver are undeniable; this Bluetooth driver is suitable in the vast majority of cases. For Android and iOS, there is no need to download anything from the Apple App Store and Google Play, but download Bluetooth for Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10, 11 free from recommended.

Download the Widcomm Broadcom Bluetooth Driver Installer installation file for MS Windows. Uninstall all current Bluetooth software. Restart your PC. Install the pre-loaded Bluetooth driver for Windows. For full functionality and security, the software should be updated periodically. This is advisable for security reasons.

If for some reason the Broadcom Widcomm Bluetooth drivers for Windows are not suitable, then you can inform and consciously proceed to search the official website and download the necessary software from this rating. But first, you should make sure that your netbook, laptop or personal computer is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module. Often modern devices already have all the wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, either directly on the motherboard or as a separate Bluetooth adapter for the PC. Sometimes everything works automatically, sometimes you need to enable Bluetooth on your computer either software or hardware. Different laptops implement the switches differently, but it’s usually intuitive how to turn on Bluetooth on a computer. If it is not possible to enable wireless technologies on your device, you can always purchase a separate USB Bluetooth module.



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