Top 10 unusual Bluetooth gadgets

In this rating, we will evaluate on a 10-point scale the best of the unusual, interesting and even strange Bluetooth gadgets (sometimes there will be several) that no one would decide to google on their own. The rating, of course, will be biased, and the practical value of this work is small, because few of the visitors to the site have full-fledged virtual reality at home and a pet like a cow. And I don’t want to recommend buying this kind of device. However, for general development and familiarization with modern smart wireless technologies, this material is extremely useful.

Many people have been successfully using wireless mice, keyboards, joysticks, headsets, microphones, speakers, and Bluetooth headphones for a long time. And there is nothing “like that” about this. The batteries last for a year, the wires don’t get in the way, the quality is satisfactory - what more do you need? In this rating, we will not consider such wireless devices, no matter how beautiful and advanced they may be. Some of these gadgets are still worthy of a brief mention:

  • Can you imagine a modern phone without Bluetooth? They probably don't make these anymore. Today you can connect via Bluetooth even to a frying pan, for example, to a non-stick Pantelligent, to a Bluetooth oven with induction heating Hestan Cue, to a Griffin Connected toaster. What can we say about smart kettles, for example, Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle 1.5 liters.
  • Of the unusual office and desktop gadgets that are worth paying attention to, the following stand out: the LG Rolly wireless Bluetooth keyboard, the TextBlade mini-keyboard with multifunction keys, the Mycestro thimble mouse, the Genius ring mouse.
  • Of wearable smart devices, Bluetooth smart watches Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Garmin, smart glasses Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II, glasses with a smart light display Chemion, super advanced glasses Recon Jet in a stylish design, neck-mounted Bluetooth speaker Oraolo, deserve mention. designer bracelets and ring organizers Ringly Aries, a JUNE bracelet for monitoring tanning and UV protection and wireless Bluetooth headphones with a smart real-time translator Timekettle M2 (40 languages and 100 dialects).
  • In matters of security, they will come to the rescue: August Bluetooth rim lock, Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box combination safe lock, AirBolt padlock for travelers, elegant Kwikset Kevo lock for the front door, Hideez Key key fob, Tile Slim key fob, a KiiTAG beacon, a Pebblebee Honey medallion, a keychain with a MYNT button, a Bluetooth base for launching FireFly fireworks and a Defender protective gas cylinder with Bluetooth, GPS and direct communication with the police.
  • You can connect two different Bluetooth devices in your car to one network so that you can not only talk hand free on the phone or listen to music via an mp3 Bluetooth radio, but also quickly carry out diagnostics, as with the ELM 327 Bluetooth car scanner. What is the name of such a Bluetooth station, controller, hub, board or Wireless Bluetooth module? Please write in the comments. A regular Bluetooth flash drive will not help here.
  • To control body weight and monitor physical activity, they use fitness bracelets, smart watches, and smart scales with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, for example, Xiaomi Mi Smart, HAPIfork smart Bluetooth plug, X9 Follow Bluetooth golf cart, VERT jump monitor. And for animals, there is the WonderWoof BowTie activity tracker so that your pets are always in great shape. Bluetooth activity trackers for plants have not yet been invented; usually they don’t even need smart tags, except when moving.

After such an impromptu warm-up, let's move on to the rating of unusual, interesting and even strange Bluetooth gadgets:


The last tenth place went to gadgets for pets: the Zuidid Petkit Pura X toilet, the Geozon PF-01 smart feeder and the Petrust TK-WF002 smart water bowl.

Image: Zuidid Petkit Pura X toiletLet's start our rating with the Zuidid Petkit Pura X self-cleaning pet toilet. This automatic pet toilet looks like a spaceship, or luxury a limousine, at least. The device automatically independently removes not only liquid and solid waste from your pet, but also odors, refreshing the air inside with special means. The entire volume of collected data is sent to the owner to a connected device, for example, a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. So there is no need to be afraid of unexpected surprises.

It’s quite commonplace when in the morning, without the participation of the owner, a cat, dog or other pet eats breakfast from the Geozon PF-01 smart feeder and quenches its thirst from the Petrust TK-WF002 automatic drinker or Xiaomi Petoneer Smart Pet Water Dispenser. However, when the owner is often away from home, this can already be considered an excellent way out of the situation, since these gadgets can work automatically according to a schedule. Now imagine that among your pets there are chickens, cows, goats and similar animals that give you real eggs, milk, cheese and other products, and you simply feed them from an application on your smartphone. Futuristic?


Image: Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth LEWe give ninth place to smart tags for their wide range of applications and accessibility. They are miniature radio chips that work like beacons attached to keys, a wallet or other valuable item or object, including living ones, since they are completely safe for health. Smart tags Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth LE and similar low-power tags do not need to be recharged. This is an unusual other Bluetooth, it's called Bluetooth Low Energy and can run for years on a small wristwatch battery. Using smart tags, you can find a lost item, determine the location of a forgotten item or a lost pet. Smart tags can be used to tag and track even small animals.


Image: FireFly lampEighth place is taken by the levitating FireFly lamp. Floating in the air on a magnetic field, the FireFly smart lamp with Bluetooth light intensity control not only looks futuristic, but will also allow you to amuse your friends with magic tricks. With a nimble assistant who controls FireFly via Bluetooth, and the deft hands of a magician, you can not only “make” the lamp levitate (and pass a magic wand under it as proof), but also dim and flare up in time with the magician’s passes. The light bulb glows without direct contact with the base. The base made of valuable wood with a built-in magnet and fast charging is connected to the network using the included cable. There is also a wireless charging function for smartphones and other devices.


Image: Square Off Grand Kingdom SetSeventh place went to the smart Square Off Grand Kingdom Set chess. Fans of computer chess will be able to realize their passion and make artificial intelligence literally move chess. Square Off Grand Kingdom Set is a real chess board with pieces that move independently on the chessboard using a two-axis mechanical magnetic mechanism that moves the pieces, which have built-in magnets. The Square Off app controls the chessboard via Bluetooth.


Image: Dice+ diceIn sixth place, chess is ahead of smart Bluetooth dice Dice+, since more people play backgammon and various types of Monopoly than chess. By running a compatible game on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer, players can use Dice+ smart cubes to bring the experience to life and take the game beyond the virtual reality of the screen. Dice+ are similar to standard gaming dice and simulate them well. Inside each cube there was a Bluetooth transmitter, a set of sensors, magnetic sensors, and an accelerometer. After a roll, the dice automatically transmit information to the base device, where the game process takes place.


Image: AirJamz Bluetooth wireless virtual guitar pickFifth place went to the AirJamz Bluetooth virtual guitar pick. This wireless mediator plays without a guitar, just an imaginary one, and the sound will be quite real, almost professional. By plucking imaginary strings with a Bluetooth AirJamz pick, you can hear the sound of a real guitar, albeit from an application on an Android or iOS smartphone, where the pick sends data in real time via the Bluetooth protocol. In the application, you can choose one of several types of guitars, and a hundred more available stringed musical instruments. Up to four instruments can be combined into a rock band or string quartet.


Image: smart shoe insoles Boogio Reflex LabsFourth place, as the most incredible, promising, promising and at the same time simple game project, is occupied by smart shoe insoles Boogio, developed by by Reflex Labs for use in the gaming industry paired with the Oculus Rift VR helmet, game consoles and other virtual reality gadgets. Boogio insoles can participate in the implementation of various gaming events. Any pair of shoes can become a game controller with a pair of Boogio smart shoe insoles, which integrate Bluetooth sensors that monitor tens of thousands of levels of foot pressure and acceleration in different planes. Information from the insoles is transmitted in real time via the Bluetooth interface to the connected device.


Image: Palette Cube Bluetooth smart color detector from Palette Pty LtdThird place went to the Palette Cube smart color detector from the Australians from Palette Pty Ltd. Accuracy in matching a given color is important for builders, painters, artists, typographers, web designers, fashion designers and many other professionals who work with color. The portable Palette Cube, compatible with thousands of color profiles, can accurately recognize any shade of color and transmit it wirelessly to your mobile device in real time. The application, running on iOS, Android or PC, can convert and digitize any shade of color into the space of several color systems RGB, LAB, CMYK and others.


Image: Fobo Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring systemSecond place for its undoubted practicality goes to the Fobo tire pressure monitoring system. It consists of four car tire pressure sensors that interact via Bluetooth with an application on an Android or IOS smartphone. The indicators are reflected on the main screen, and if the tire pressure drops below critical, a notification is sent indicating which wheel the problem needs to be fixed. The application identifies and associates sensors, this ensures their safety, since they will not work for a potential attacker. One application can control up to twenty cars simultaneously.


The first place was deservedly shared by the One Drop Chrome Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit and the multifactorial human health tracker Cue.

Image: One Drop Chrome Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit BluetoothSome athletes and people with diabetes and certain other diseases need to monitor their blood sugar . All components of the One Drop Chrome Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit are packaged in a beautiful and practical leather case. Among the components of the kit, in addition to the leather case, there is a sterilizing pen for piercing, a sensitive glucometer with a Bluetooth chip and a set of fifty test strips. Via wireless communication, test data is sent to an application on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, where it is processed and stored. The meter's blood strip analysis takes about five seconds and provides clinically accurate readings according to FDA and CE requirements. This simple home procedure frees a person from the need to visit a medical facility.

The Cue human health tracker allows you to promptly identify the causes of poor health, illness and other problems. This home laboratory allows you to test saliva and blood to diagnose vitamin D levels, testosterone hormone levels, inflammation in the body and other indicators. The device scans tests, digitizes the results and sends them to a mobile application via Bluetooth wireless communication.


A wireless Bluetooth module can be found in the most unusual devices. You can buy a USB Bluetooth adapter to control your smart TV not only via a wireless remote control, but also via a Bluetooth microphone, or connect additional Bluetooth speakers to your TV. Sometimes such gadgets come with a Bluetooth application for Android or iOS, and they also work with standard Bluetooth drivers for Windows, which can be downloaded at without registration by selecting the Bluetooth file for any version of the Windows operating system.

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