Energy Efficiency Bluetooth

Wireless Bluetooth is capable of sending both data and raw human voice at a rate limit of 64Kbps. The function of delivering voice wirelessly with minimal energy consumption makes it possible to integrate Bluetooth, for example, into cordless phones or headsets for mobile phones. Data transmission in energy-efficient modes requires a minimum of energy - about 10 mA, as well as only 0.3 mA in standby mode.

Bluetooth: cheap, compact, energy efficient, safe

The market niche of Bluetooth is short-range radio communication, which is cheap in terms of embedding in various devices and efficient in terms of power consumption. It costs almost nothing to embed a Bluetooth module in one of the chips, for example, in the central processor, chipset or WiFi chip, which often happens when designing portable devices. A single chip with an area of ​​​​less than one square centimeter is also inexpensive and can easily find a place on the printed circuit board of any gadget. And even if the equipment uses a separate Bluetooth card, its cost is low.

Image: Compact Bluetooth electronics (Modul GCY 30-4 in size SR 2032)

The compactness of the components makes it possible to use Bluetooth in miniature devices, smaller than a wristwatch and a fitness bracelet; these are, for example, miniature headphones, microphones, headsets, invisible wireless sensors. Naturally, it is impossible to build a large battery into miniature devices. In this regard, Bluetooth, as the most energy-efficient wireless communication technology, replaces Wi-Fi and other alternatives wherever possible. Modern devices even update their software via Bluetooth to get rid of unnecessary battery consumers. In addition, the low power of Bluetooth radio emission minimizes its negative impact on the human body.

Active Bluetooth Standby

Bluetooth in active Standby mode consumes only 0.3 mA and approximately 10 - 30 mA when exchanging data. On demand, the sleeping device instantly gets in touch, sends or receives a packet of information in a fraction of a second, and again goes into standby mode with minimal power consumption. This scheme of operation allows the device to be always connected and be in pseudo-active mode for years, even powered by a small AG / LR button cell battery for wristwatches.

How to reduce the power consumption of Bluetooth devices

An active Bluetooth wireless connection significantly increases the power consumption of both the slave and the base unit. Battery life is reduced, sometimes significantly. The older devices are used, the higher their power consumption. Modern wireless devices have a higher energy efficiency class. In any case, to save battery power, it is advisable to turn off Bluetooth on the device if there are no wireless connections to it. This can be done both manually and automated in the appropriate software settings.

Assigning and using a trusted device

In some cases, when a lock screen is used on a smartphone or tablet, it makes sense to assign a trusted device so that the smartphone or tablet is not blocked while connected to it. When you leave the pairing zone with a trusted device, your smartphone or tablet will be blocked.

Almost every paired Bluetooth device can act as a trusted device, with a few exceptions. A notification about the assignment of a trusted device appears during the initial pairing. To assign a trusted device, just touch this notification and follow the simple instructions on the screen. In Android or iOS settings, trusted devices are located in the security section.

Using Bluetooth Sync Mode

Some devices, such as fitness bands, support sync mode. In this case, there is no need to maintain a permanent connection. It is enough to synchronize once in a certain period of time so that the base device receives all the necessary information from the peripheral device. When synchronizing on demand from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the device temporarily disconnected from the wireless network instantly gets in touch, gives out all the accumulated information in seconds and goes back to Standby mode, consuming about 0.3 mA.

Read more about what the name Bluetooth means. On the possibility is implemented download Bluetooth for Windows 10/11, 8 for free / 8.1 (64-bit and 32-bit) via direct links without viruses, communication interruptions, file corruption. Installing drivers won't take long. The page contains tips for using Bluetooth on Android and a selection of applications Bluetooth for Android.

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