Bluetooth security

The importance of security in a wireless system can hardly be overestimated, the included Bluetooth is extremely dangerous in case of a probable attack by a highly qualified attacker. The consequences of well-planned actions of intruders when hacking a Bluetooth connection can be significant. Hacking via Bluetooth can result in the theft of the phone's address book, and making an outgoing call, and using the phone as a listening device, and many more negative consequences for the owner of a device hacked via Bluetooth. The length and complexity of the PIN code does not save you from a qualified cybersecurity expert, cracker, hacker, codebreaker, cybercriminal, cracker, carder, script kiddy, intelligence officer, saboteur and other criminals in the fields of information technology and communications.

Critical Vulnerability - Automatic Link Establishment

Critical to security is the automatic exchange of data at the hardware level. This is necessary to find connectivity. In the Bluetooth settings in each application, the user decides whether to disable automatic connection. Just as dangerous is the use of any connection to the Internet, Ethernet, or WiFi.

Image: Headset and phone vulnerable during initialization

The only real protection is pairing devices in a secure location. However, some devices pair automatically and do so multiple times throughout the day. First of all, this applies to Bluetooth headsets, Handsfree devices, smart watches, fitness bracelets. When turned on, activated, and synchronized, the initialization of communication with such devices occurs many times a day. The user in such conditions cannot always be in a safe place. In many cases of Bluetooth hacking, the skill of the hacker must be extremely high in order to withstand all the security systems of Modern Bluetooth Technology. An ordinary hacker will not be able to easily hack into a random user's Bluetooth.

How Bluetooth communications are secured

The high security of a Bluetooth connection, like Wi-Fi, is ensured by the use of a complex system of technological solutions. It all starts with secure device pairing technologies. This is a critical element of Bluetooth security, as any wireless connection starts with pairing devices. Pairing is necessary for the organization of communication between devices; without it, communication is impossible. After registering pairing data for each device, the connection setup procedure goes through the following stages: creation of a secret key and link key, authentication. The secret key consists of a 48-bit MAC address, a PIN that the user enters before pairing, and a random value. After exchanging these keys, during the paring process, the devices calculate the link key. Through the request-response, the equipment is authenticated, after the data is registered, the devices are connected to each other. Pairing data is saved for the future. Read more about how a Bluetooth connection is made separately.

The second most important technology that ensures the security of Bluetooth communications is transceiver synchronization. Packets of 72-bit code for synchronization, 54-bit header with checksum and parameters, as well as up to 2745-bit information directly are transmitted in slots with a duration of 625 μs. Each clock cycle of each module is allocated a channel and a transmission or reception mode. Packet information is encoded using the frequency shift keying method. For safety and to avoid interference, channel changing methods are used 1600 times per second in conjunction with Frequency Hop Spread Spectrum when the available radio frequency range of 2.402-2.480 GHz is divided into 79 (23 in some countries) frequency channels with a spacing of up to 175 kHz.

The third technology is the use of technological solutions in the field of security of developers of individual applications. Bluetooth indirectly copes with security problems "by proxy" using innovative technological solutions from individual application developers. Any mobile application provides secure authentication and encryption. These technologies are always used by developers to protect their applications from being hacked. All these technological solutions are automatically used in the wireless transmission of data and sound.

Bluetooth Country Security Restrictions

In some countries where strong cryptography is prohibited, Bluetooth's privacy capabilities exceed legal limits. The encryption strength of the wireless connection is set according to the laws of each country. In addition, the French, Spanish and Japanese use only 23 1 MHz frequency channels out of 79 allowed in the rest of the world. Naturally, the more channels, the higher the security. The possibility and type of authentication is controlled: one-way or two-way. Different countries use data encryption with a key from 8 to 128 bits. Basic encryption at the protocol level is enhanced by application-level encryption, where each developer can use any available encryption algorithms.

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I hope everything is safe enough.

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